What to eat in dinner to have a sound sleep ?

Do you know a sound sleep completely depends on what we eat just before sleep. But many of us used to have heavy dinner most of the time, specially in evening with family & friends in restaurant.
I have gone through an article somewhere about this. So want to share the same with all my readers as well. It’s true and really helpful to carry a healthy life.
Everyday we used to have many types of food. There are some foods which cool down mind & also some which stimulate certain hormones of brain to excite. Foods that generally contain amino acid Triumphant help s us to sleep. In other case foods that contain Tyro sine or Caffeine in food and drinks can perk up the brain or keep you awake. I know most of us love to have a cup of coffee or tea before bed. But thats actually should not be for a sound sleep.
The definition of sound sleep is, the sleep which actually refresh all our fatigue and recharge us for the next day. An incomplete sleep always make us dull for the whole day. We all know the fact.
Lets see the food items of our daily diet chart which we need to include & which not to:
This is a food which include lot of amino acid. So we should have this (Rice,Roti) in our dinner. Amino acid is used to produce neurotransmitters Serotonin and Melatonin that helps us to relax and sleep. Insulin is released when we eat a carb rich meal, which helps clearing the blood amino acid and further stop amino acid to reach brain. We can also have some complex carbohydrate & calcium full meal to get relax. Include some protein diet also.
Light dinner
Whatever the food it is , we should not have a huge amount of food. These will make us full and it will take much time to digest the food. Take small meal after evening so that we don’t have to eat too much by dinner.
We can take some whole-grain cereal with milk or some peanuts or oatmeal before sleep. This is also a good habit before sleep. Do not have any fat item like butter,ghee which ll take much time to digest.

Have these meals in Dinner for better sleep :
  • Plain rice with curd or simple veg curry,
  • Scrambled Eggs with roti,
  • Any less oily sabji/curry with roti,
  • Less spicy chicken with vegetables,
  • Lot of water
  • Have some juice
In todays lifestyle most of us used to go to restaurant, bar at night time only. This simply disturb the habit of a sound sleep in a human body. As most of the time we ate heavy junk food, drinks at dinner time.
To have sound sleep the only mantra is to have less & plain diet at night time so that it digest soon and relax our body soon.