Vegetable Cutting Tips

  • Always wash vegetables before cutting them. In case of potatos we have to wash them after cutitng as mud cannot be clean for all types of potatos.If washed really well then we can even go ahead with the skin also. As for most vegitables skin holds important source of vitamins.
  • Ladies finger should be washed before cutting. Otherwise they will start loosing water and gelly materials.
  • For onions always cut in 2 pieces and dip in water for 10-12 minutes to avoid crying.
  • Try to consume fruits with skin as much as possible. For that a proper thorough washing is necessary to be sure there is no other particles in the skin.
  • For leaves, always wash twice. First before chopping them and then after chopping. Wash them in a pool of water and try to lift them from that water so that extra mud or unwated particles can be washed away properly.
  • You can remove the stems of green chilis and store them in a glass container in refrigerator. But before using them wash them and then chop.
  • For brinjal and potato, its always better to keep them in water for 10-15 minutes after cut in cubes.This will remove the discoloration.


In My Kitchen’s Secret section I will share my cooking knowledge besides recipe preparation. It will generally have tips and lessons that we have to remember while cooking and after cooking. My target is to share the knowledge to keep a good healthy kitchen and food habit for you and your family. Be clean and fit to stay healthy. And be healthy to be able to eat a lot. Keep a track at this space for further update.