Top 10 Bengali recipe with rice on this Diwali

diwali rice recipes
We all know that Bengalis are rice lover. Many North Indian people even don’t know that we used have rice 3 times a day (sharing from personal experience). So the fact is that we love to eat rice more than anything. Actually rice is like our mother in food items. Whatever you prepare, it will mostly accompany a rice recipe only. 

So this is clear that, rice is also served in our plate in different types with different flavour. So far we have shared various types of recipes with rice in our blog. On the eve of Diwali we just want to have all the recipes with rice at one place to decide which one is going to be served today. Let’s check out various recipes of rice.
Steamed Rice or Bhat: This is a very simple recipe, everyone know how to make steamed rice at home. We Bengalis call it as Bhat. Simply take 10 times water than the amount of rice in a deep vessel. Heat the rice with water for 15-25 min (depending on the rice quality). Check the rice is cooked properly or not. When the rice looks soft, simply drain out the water. Your steamed rice is ready. But in Diwali it’s better to prepare a different rice recipe rather than steamed rice, if your stomach is well.
Govindo bhog Chaler pulao recipe: A well known and popular recipe in Bengal. This one is quite sweet in taste. Govindo bhog rice is a special type of rice with a nice aroma. This recipe requires a lot of ghee as well. Serve this rice with some spicy gravy dish to make the taste perfect.
Bengali Shahi Veg Pulao recipe: This recipe is also prepared from govindo bhog rice. But to add the shahi effect we have added lots of kaju, kismis, veggies and ghee.
Gajar Bhath recipe: This one can come under a healthy rice recipe. You can go for any rice, but lots of carrot. You can also control the spices quantity.
Chinese Fried Rice recipe: Bengali people love to eat Chinese recipes. But not the typical Chinese taste, you can say a fusion of Bong-China version. Saucy, spicy, sweet in nature.
Bengali chicken Dum biryani recipe: Biriyani is a kind of weakness for Bengali people. After Hyderabad I have to accept, its Bengal where people are crazy about biriyani. But definitely the taste is completely different. It is a unique biriyani recipe where potato is a mandatory ingredient. This biriyani recipe is a combine one of both Hyderabad and Kolkata.
Egg Masala Biriyani Recipe: This is not a famous one. Rather it’s an experimental dish. Instead of chicken we have used Egg as main ingredient and followed a different procedure.
Gobi Biriyani: This one is for vegetarian people mainly. Similar biriyani recipe we prepared earlier but with only touch of vegetables and spices.
Biriyani with left over Rice: This one is a trick biriyani recipe. As to add taste in the meal as well as to save the left over rice we did this fusion. Although it tastes awesome, but the motive behind this recipe is to give a life to last night’s rice. As we love rice the most.
Payesh or Kheer recipe: And finally the desert recipe with rice. It’s called kheer in north India, Payasam in South but Payesh or Mistanna in Bengal. A simple sweet recipe with milk and dry fruits.
So that’s all about for this Diwali. Now it’s up to you, which recipe with rice you would like to add in your Diwali Menu. Also share your rice recipe here to enhance the list.
A Happy and prosperous Diwali to you and your family…….