Tomato Sandwich

Crispy Grilled Tomato Sandwich

Sandwich is very simple & easy to make snack that you can have anytime. Simple & tasty as well. Have a cup of juice with a sandwich in morning top have complete break fast.

Ingredients  Required :

1 big tomato
1 capsicum
Onions slices
1 cheese slice or grated cheese
salt as per taste
1/4 tsp black paper powder
1 green chili finely chopped
2 slices of brown bread
Melted butter

How to make Tomato Sandwich

First half the tomato.
Now chop one half and slice another half.
Slice the capsicum in very thin slices.
Now apply melted butter to the bread (one side of each bread)
Now mix chopped tomatoes, capsicum, salt, black paper, green chili.
Now put a bread as base and put the tomato mixture.
Then put tomato, capsicum & onion slices one after another.
On top put grated cheese or cheese slice.
Then cover it with the 2nd bread.
Now heat the toaster and grill the sandwich.
You can apply little more butter on surface as well.
Remove when golden brown
Serve hot & srisp with sauce.