The biggest cooking blunder of my life so far….

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It was a Sunday afternoon; generally on Sunday my wife (Manidipa) has her MBA classes. So we both (Me Santanu and my 2 yrs old son, Hrishabh) used to spend whole day together at home. She returns by 6 PM evening. After she comes home we used to have tea and snacks.
Last Sunday, I thought I will surprise her by preparing something tasty for evening snacks. By the way I am a good cook (hope everyone know that) like my wife, but off course not expert in typical recipes. But I love to cook. So I decided to prepare a Pizza. We don’t have a microwave at home, but have an electric rice cooker. I generally prepare biriyani in that.
So I thought I could use that as an oven. Here the recipe starts. I prepared 
everything and then placed the pizza at that cooker. I did that when she called me said she has done her classes and waiting for bus. I understood it will take 40 min. 
So I heat up the cooker and place the pizza bread in that. Now the blunder starts after 30 min. It looks like the heat is so less for that pizza that nothing is moving. By the time she came and discovered I was doing something. 
She too got excited about the pizza (I felt delighted as my surprise made her happy). But the actual story started after that. We both waited for more than 1 hour, only the bread got crunchier but the other ingredients were not at all baked, off course they got cooked like boiled!
She got frustrated as she was waiting for that to finish and also feeling hungry. Finally we waited for 30 min more and then switched off the cooker. I realised: Only passion is not enough for cooking, you need proper utensils and instruments as well to prepare foods.
At last I had to order DOMINOZ Pizza to cool the situation at home. This is the biggest cooking blunder or surprise in my life so far. I tried to make my wife surprise but I, myself got surprised by creating this blunder!!

Note :  I have submitted this post to a contest of  Manuja’s Kitchen (Cooking Blunders) . I have resubmitted it in my blog to share with my readers. Hope you will enjoy.