Taler Bora Bengali Recipe (Palm Pakora)

This post is about one of the yummiest seasonal preparation – taler bora Bengali recipe. Palm pakora is what you call taler bora in english. It’s festival time, Ganapati Puja. Though it’s not that much big in Bengal, But we are celebrating Ganesh Puja at our complex.

Personally I have seen how people of Hyderabad celebrate this puja for 11 days. It’s so lively, like our Durgapuja days. But I have not personally seen how Maharashtrians celebrate that.

Ok, now come to our point. What I prepared in this Ganapati puja. It’s taal er bora – a sweet dish which again one of bengal’s favorite.

Taal or PALM is a very juicy kind of fruit. When its perfectly ripe then it smells really wonderful. And it is the season of this fruit. So, today, I will share the very famous taler bora bengali recipe.

It is a really tasty dish which we can enjoy only in this season in a year. Here is an image of the final dish. I will share more images of taler bora preparations in coming days.

taler bora bengali recipe

Ingredients for Palm Pakora Recipe

  • 1 Ripe palm
  • Sugar as per taste
  • 2 cup flower
  • 1 cup suji
  • Pinch of Baking Powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 coconut properly shredded
  • Refined Oil to deep fry( I prefer Soyabean Oil)

Preparation Time: 1 hr

How to Make Taler Bora

First of all we have to take the juice out of the Taal. Open the palm, we can see 3 seeds. Sometimes it may be 4 also, but that is rare. Add little water to them and rub by hands properly.Then using a net/Chalni extract the juice from each seed.

Collect all the juice and keep it in a white cotton cloth.And hang for 10 min. Actually it removes the bitterness of PALM.

Palm has a bitter taste in it and I follow this procedure to remove that. I learned this from my mother.

After that take this juice into a bowl. Add maida, suji, enough sugar, baking powder and pinch of salt. Also add the shredded coconut. Mix them well.

Check the taste once.May be you have to add sugar, this is a sweet dish. As per your taste make it more sweet.

Now mix properly for next couple of minutes.

Now heat oil for deep frying. After heating the oil, now it’s time to create the Boras. From that mixture create small balls by hand and pour into the hot oil. This way add as many it can take.

Fry the balls till they turn red in texture and then soak in a paper to remove extra oil.

Have them hot to feel the crunchy taste.

Yummy!! Enjoy puja.

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Hope you will find this taler bora Bengali recipe helpful. Please feel free to share this palm pakora recipe with your friends and let them savour this too! Did you prepare taal er bora at home? I would love to hear your experiences.


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