Soya Nuggets Recipe – A Crispy Friend of Tea

Soya Nugget recipe (Crispy soya granule balls) is a very simple and easy to make snack at home. A very tasty & healthy recipe, again for potato lovers. Today I have tried this for the first time. Actually I discovered soya granules first time last week. Sounds odd but its true and strange how I missed that. The recipe came out really well & Manidipa praised a lot about my Soya Nuggets Recipe .. 🙂 Let me share  how I made this delicious tea time snack.
Ingredients for Soya Nuggets Recipe:
1 cup soya granules
2 medium potatos
1 big onion finely chopped
1 green chilly finely chopped
1 carrot finely chopped
4-5 beans finely chopped
Few curry leaves
1/2 tbsp raw jeera
pinch of sugar
Salt to taste
Little raw suji
Chicken Masala (you can use sabji masala also)

How to cook:
First of all take the soya granules in a pan with water & bring it to boil for 5 min. Take it out & drain it completely.

Now cut the potatoes in medium pieces and put in a cooker to boil. Now after 3-4 whistels, we will take out the potatoes in a bowl.

In a pan heat oil and add raw jeera & the curry leaves. Add the chopped onions, carrot, beans and chilis to it. Add little bit salt and stir well. Now add the boiled soya granules  After few min add the boiled potato & stir for few min, so that evrything get mixed well.  

Now we can put the flame off and make the dough to cool down. Now make small round balls with hands & press a bit. 

Heat oil in another pan for deep frying. When the oil is hot, be ready with the balls.Take one ball dip it into the suji & put into the hot oil. This way finish all the balls. Fry them in low heat. 

Serve hot with salad/onions & tomato sauce. Enjoy.