Rohu Fish Fry

Today I am posting a very simple and easy recipe.Actually its not at all a recipe.But I loved the picture I capture of the fishes.So I shared the simple Rohu fish fry recipe.

But I know that, for some people its not that simple also.Here I will share the simple tips to fry fish without sticking on the pan.The tip is the oil have to be heated well.If the oil heat is not upto the mark,then the fish ll stick in pan walls.

Another one is to make this fish fry recipe tasty and attractive, you can marinate the fish pieces with ginger paste,turmeric powder,salt and little jeera powder.Add little lime juice also.Keep them in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Have them with steamed rice with chopped onions.Thsi is one of my favourite simple meal.

Try it once and let me know how you liked that.

Enjoy eating.

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