Paneer Stuffed Raw Banana Kabab

Raw Banana Kabab Recipe

Recipe Category
Veg, Snack
Easy to make at home
Ingredients Availability
Available everywhere
Time to Prepare
30 min
This preparation Serves
3-4 person

Raw banana is a very healthy vegetable. We mostly have it in curries, specially when we find our stomach is not in good condition. But today I want to give this raw banana a new avatar. Recently I have seen a wonderful recipe from NDTV goodtimes, where Mr. Marut Sikka  made kabab with raw banana. I did some experiment with that recipe with available resources come up with this one “Paneer stuffed raw banana kabab”. Hope you all enjoy the recipe.

What do you need to make Raw Banana Kabab

2 raw bananas
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 chopped onion
2 green chillies finely chopped
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
1 tbsp raw cumin seeds
1/2 cup corn flour
Coriander finely leaves
Grated paneer
1 tbsp chat masala
Salt to taste
1/2 lemon juice
Refined oil for deep frying
Little sugar

How to make Raw Banana Kabab

Boil the raw bananas with little salt.
Remove the cover and crush them in a bowl.
Now in a pan heat 2 tbsp oil and add raw cumin seeds.
Now add onions and green chillis.
Add salt & turmeric and fry till onion turns brown.
Add ginger garlic paste and stir well.
Finally add crushed raw bananas.
Add little sugar and mix them all.
Keep the mixture cool and add corn flour.
Make a dough from that.

Preparation of stuffing :
Next we need to make the stuffing for the kababs.
In a separate bowl mix grated paneer, salt, lemon juice & chat masala.
Mix them well. Add coarsely chopped coriander leaves as well.

Finishing touch:
Finally from the dough, make round balls putitng the paneer stuffing inside the balls.
Seal the balls from all side, so that paneer can not come outside.
Now heat oil in a pan and deep fry the raw banana balls one by one.
Serve hot with tomato sauce.
These kababs are crispy from outside, but soft from inside.
Awesome recipe.

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