Our first interview with NariSakhi

Our 1st anniversary gift from Narisakhi

It’s still so fresh in my mind when last year Santanu surprised me with this blog with  a simple recipe. At that time I might not get that much excited but today I can feel what we have started that day. 

We have gradually passed 1 year and 100 posts (Recipes & other articles). Just can’t express what it is  for both of us. And now the most amazing thing happened with us. We have been interviewed by a popular website NARISAKHI.COM

I know every blogger has a dream to feature their own interview or about their blog somewhere like media/website/news paper. As a blogger my aim is also same to reach more & more readers to tell about our thoughts & specially recipes from my own kitchen.

Interview taken by editor of narisakhi (Laxmi)

I received a mail from Laxmi (editor narisakhi.com) about that interview. I was not aware about Narisakhi before that. Then I discovered about this beautiful website about a unique concept of women empowerment.

I know all women like me who are trying to do something different besides our day to day work at home to express our thoughts & feeling will really like this website. I just want to thank Laxmi for such a beautiful website concentrating only on women.

You can read the complete interview by visiting the below link.

Thanks a lot to all my readers to make this happen. And a special thanks to my hubby, who always not only motivates me to write but also make me feel proud to be an women in this earth.

We love to write together, think together, cook together & now feeling very happy to share our success together.

Thanks again to all the the readers
Manidipa & Santanu