Mirchi Pakora (Deep fried Shimla Mirch)

Mirchi pakora is the famous snacks in south india. Its like Beguni of bengal. In every nook & corner of south india you can find the mirchi pakora. They are of different different types.

In the evening mirchi pakora with a spicy chutney just make the evening perfect. Its even very easy to prepare at home. I have prepared this recipe similar to the Beguni recipe. Everything is same only instead of Brinjal I put shimla mirch slices.

For complete recipe, Follow the beguni recipe. Here I am posting the pictures only.

Slice them in small pieces. You can even make big slices.
Dip them in Batter and put in oil for deep frying.
Enjoy the beautiful and tasty Shimla Mirch Sticks with sauce.
I really liked this one specially as they become so crispy, that was beyond my expectations. You can use rice flour instead of maida.
Enjoy eating.

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