Kumro Phool er Bara (Deep Fried Pumpkin flowers with Besan)

I have heard about this recipe from my didan (grand-mother) so many times. But haven’t tasted it before, as kumro phool was a bit rare in my place.

There is a small sabzi(vegetable) market opposite to my building. Yesterday morning suddenly when I looked from my balcony I saw a man was sitting there with few types of vegetables & 3 bunches of pumpkin flowers! Instantly I got ready to buy them. But my bad-luck,  just before I reached there, one person bought all the bunches. 

So today I was very much watchful since early morning. And when I saw the sabziwala(a hawker who sales vegetables) came  with 2 bunches of kumro phool, just rushed there and grabbed them. And they are so cheap also, 5/- for 6 flowers.

Finally I prepared Kumro Phooler Bara. It’s just awesome!

4-5 Pumpkin Flowers (Kumro Phool)
3/4th cup Maida
1/4th cup Besan
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
1/2 tsp Nigella seeds (Kalojire)
1 tsp sugar or as you like
Salt to taste

At first wash the pumpkin flowers carefully.
You can see there is a hard sting kind of thing in the middle of the flowers, remove it carefully as this may taste bitter. Keep them aside.

Now in a bowl add maida, besan, baking powder, turmeric powder,Kalojire, salt & sugar one by one.
Add little water & make it a little thick paste.
If you want it little spicy you can add pinch of red chilli powder. But I like it without that.
In a pan heaat enough refined oil for deep frying.
Now deep the pumkin flowers one by one in that paste and place them in the oil.
Fry in low flame as they may get burnt.
Fry both the sides well.
Take them out of the oil when both sides turn golden red.
Drain the extra oil & serve with hot rice. 
You can have it as evening snack with some sauce or chutney. It’s yummy.