Khasta Kachori (Crispy Kachori)

Kachori is very known evening snack all over india. In Bengal we love khasta kachori, is the same kachori but with much crispy in nature. It is served with tumerind chutney which makes a superb combo in a rainy evening. The preparation of this kachori is infact very simple.

Let’s have a look….

Ingredients :
1 cup Urad daal (soaked overnight)
2 tbsp ghee (Desi Ghee is best)
1/2 tsp sauf (Misti Jeera)
1/2 kala Jeera
1 bay leaf
2 cup maida (flour)
1 tbsp baking powder
salt to taste
Oil for deep frying
Salt as required
1/2 tsp sugar
Little hing (Optional)

In Bengal we can have special Hing’s Kachori. It has it’s own taste. If you love that flavour you can add hing here.

How to Make ::

The preparation is very small and less time taking.
First of all wash urad daal properly and soak water from daal with some tissue paper or soft cloth.
Then make a paste of this daal in a mixer machine.
In a pan heat ghee properly. Add sauf, bay leaf & kala jeera.
Stir well and add daal paste. Add little salt.
Dry the mixture properly and leep aside.
Here if you want you can add hing/ other spices.

Now make a dough with maida/flour, ghee, sugar & salt.
Add little baking powder.
Now make small ball from that dough and make a space in that.
Put little daal mix and close the ball.
Now by both hands press the ball and give a shape like kachori.
This way make rest of the kachories.

Now heat enough oil for deep fry in a pan.
Add kachories one by one. Fry them till color turn golden brown.
Serve hot with sauce or any chutney.
But tumerind chutney is just an awesome combo.