Interview of Anjana Chaturvedi, owner of Maayeka (a vegetarian recipe blog)

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We got a chance to interview the author and owner of a beautiful vegetarian cooking blog, Maayeka.  Anjana Chaturvedi has expressed herself and about her blogging experience here with us. 

She is on the expert panel of cooks at Sify Bawarchi (a popular cookery website) in India and also writes for Fooderati Arabia (a popular food website) based in the Middle East.

You can visit her blog maayeka and explore all the recipes from her kitchen at

Find the complete interview taken by GAi Team below::

GAi:: Tell us about yourself.
I am from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh  and have been living in Dubai since 28 years of age. When I am not busy in blogging,  I am a housewife and a mother of 2 kids too. I am the Maa in my blog Maayeka. 🙂

GAi:: What is your blog all about?
My blog maayeka is about vegetarian saatvik cooking (cooking without the use of onion and garlic). I am interested in cuisines from across the world, but specialize in authentic and traditional Indian recipes.

GAi:: Do you like photography?…Your clicks are awesome.
I love photography, but am still learning camera angles, lights and other aspects of food styling and photography..

GAi:: Which camera do you use?
I use a Canon Powershot S100, which was gifted by my son when I joined the panel at Bawarchi. 

GAi:How did you came to know about blogging?
Initially I wasn’t really interested in blogging, but with continued encouragement from my family – it ended up becoming a passion.

GAi:: Your first post (when and how) and what was the feeling after that?
Poha cutlet was my first post in November 2011 – I was very excited but realized that I really needed to learn photography :).

GAi:: What is the motivating factor for you to start this blog?
My daughter was married recently and she always needed my recipes and tips and a lot of times she wasn’t able to contact me for one reason or the other. So it inspired me to build an entire blog on all that I know about cooking – so that it could serve as a ready reference for my daughter and all the young girls and brides out there who are not able to get tips from their moms in times of need.

GAi:: How do you manage your family and passion (blogging?)
As my daughter is married and my son is working abroad, I do get a lot of time for my passion. And of course my husband can’t complain – he’s happy with all the delicacies coming his way!

GAi:: What is your plan with this blog in future?
There is so much to do right now, I really haven’t had time to work on any future plans.
GAi:: Any other blog where you write or contribute?
I am on the expert panel of cooks at Sify Bawarchi – a popular cookery website in India and am a contributing author at Fooderati Arabia – a popular food related website based in the Middle East.

GAi:: How often do you visit India, your native?
Every year!

GAi:: Your favorite recipes you want to share
All recipes are my favorite  so it really wouldn’t be possible for me to choose. But Google seems to love my Nizami Pulao. 

GAi:: Anything you want to share for newbie bloggers or anything you like to add or any recipe tips?
When I started my blog I wasn’t sure that I will be able to make it, but a year later I’ve realized that if you are passionate about some thing you will surely achieve it. Commitment and Dedication show – so keep trying keep learning. 

Thanks Anjana for providing us the opportunity to know about you and your blog.