How to make tomato puree at home

Tomato Puree Preparation at Home

Red Hot Tomatoes: Take 4-5 fresh and red tomatoes. Don’t take green ones. 
In a bowl put enough water to dip the tomatoes. 
Now boil the tomatoes in medium flame. 
After few min we can notice that the tomato skin will look like loosing its body. 
Its time to stop boiling. Generally 5-6 minute of boiling is enough. 
Now cool down the tomatoes and remove the skin one by one. 
They will just look great and attractive. 
Now just paste them altogether. Your tomato puree is ready. 

Its very healthy than the market’s processed one, as there is no preservative added. But don’t make it in large quantity and refrigerate it. 

Its so easy to make that at home, you make it every 3-4 days if required so often. If you refrigerate any food item for long time, it will start loosing its nutritious value.