How to make Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe at Home

Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe or Spicy chickpeas recipe is a very popular North Indian recipe. People also called it as chana masala sometimes although in case of chana masala we use small chikpeas. This popular chole recipe can be prepared at home very easily and you can enjoy an awesome breakfast or evening snack with bhatura or luchi. Now a days one can buy ready to cook Punjabi Chole Masala pack and use the instruction and make this recipe at home very easily. But here we will share original Punjabi Chole Masala recipe.

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Ingredients for Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe

  • Vegetables ( Bean, Tomato, Capcecum, Onion leaves ).
  • 2 onions finely chopped
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic chopped
  • 2 green chillis finely chopped
  • 1 big size tomato finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp ginger paste
  • Salt to taste
  • Little bit of sugar
  • Everest Chole Masala (This is the main masala to make it perfect)

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Steps to prepare Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe

  • Soak chole or chickpeas overnight in a bowl.
  • Heat the pan and put oil. You can put even ghee/butter. I generally prefer oil and butter/ghee at last phase.
  • After heating the oil first you can fry all the vegetables and keep them aside.
  • Now it’s time for the soaked chole. You need to put them in pressure cooker for 5-6 whistles so than they can become soft. Here better to add small salt, so that some salt can enter inside chole pieces. Don’t over boil the choles.
  • Now again preheat a pan and put oil. In the oil first add the chopped garlic, chilies, and then onions and fry them till brown. After that add the boiled choles.
  • You can keep aside the water from the cooker which is used for chole boil, which we can use for gravy preparation.
  • Now keep the heat medium and stir the choles with onions and then stuffs properly so that they can be fried altogether. 
  • After that you add garlic paste, chopped tomato s and finally Everest chole masala. 
  • Need to add a bit salt also as per taste. Now stir them properly in a bit heating condition so that everything mixes properly. 
  • Next add the vegetables and the rest of water kept aside.
  • Need to cover the pan and keep it for 10 min in a slow heat so that masala and vegetables mixes properly. By the time we can feel the chole masala aroma spread everywhere in my kitchen.
  • After 10 min just need to add small sugar as per taste and butter to enhance the taste. That’s it for the preparation, just need to cook for 5 min more and it ready to eat.
  • You can then garnish it with tomato, coriander leaves or curry leaves as per your choice.

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Hope you liked the Punjabi Chole Masala recipe and you will try that at home today itself. We prefer this recipe in weekends mostly on breakfast. Share your experience and any tips to make this recipe more tasty.