How to make Dhokla flour

Dhokla flour is widely used in Gujrat to make Dhokla. You can purchase easily a ready to make Dhokla packet and prepare Dhokla at home. But making the Dhokla mix is also very easy at home.

Ingredients :

Generally Dhokla mix is nothing but a combination of couple of Dals.  You can take Dals as per belwo measure :

  • 2 cup of rice(better if basmati rice)
  • 1 cup of channa dal (Bengal gram dal)
  • 1/2 cup urad dal
Further to make Dhokla, you can add salt, sugar, citric acid and little baking powder to make a perfect Dhokla mix.
How to make Dhokla flour:

  1. First of all wash dal individually and soak them by clothe separately.
  2. Keep them under sun, if required. So that complete moisture can be evaporated.
  3. Now take the big jar of your mixer grinder and put all 3 dal in it.
  4. Grind them couple of times, till they turns into smooth powder.
  5. You might have to repeat this procedure again and again to extract the fine powder and then again grind the rest dal mixture.
  6. Your home made Dhokla mix is ready.
  7. Store this powder in a dry jar and keep away from refrigerator or moisture area.

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