How to make Bengali Sukto Recipe – Authentic Bengali Recipe

shukto recipe bengali
Sukto is a dish which we bengalis normaly have after “Dal-Bhaja”. As we say it “Dal-Bhaja-Sukto”, is a very common format in Bengali Lunch time. Sukto is a very delicious & digestive veg curry. Traditional Sukto recipe is prepared mainly with bitter-gourd & different types of vegetables. But you can prepare it with any type of bitter-tasty vegetable…like ucche, helencha shak. Athentic bengali sukto recipe uses mustard paste & milk.

Today I made this with raw banana, raw papaya & helencha shak which is a great appetizer & a good source of Vitamin A. This combination works good whenever you have a stomach-upset. This is a spice-less recipe. Generally we Bangals prepare this variety of Sukto. You can also prepare shukto recipe with radhuni ready to cook masala which is available in market easily.

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Ingredients for Bengali Sukto Recipe:
1 cup Raw Banana cut in cubical Pieces
1& 1/2 cup Raw papaya cut in small cubical Pieces
1 cup helencha shak cut in long pieces
1/4th tsp White mustard seeds
1/4th tsp Turmeric Powder
1/4th tsp Dhania Powder
Little Mustard Oil
Salt to taste

How to make Bengali Sukto Recipe

Take the cut banana pieces in a bowl & mix with little salt. 
Now wash them properly, in this way the black color goes off the raw banana.
wash the other vegetables too.
In a pan pour some mustard oil.
As the oil heats up, add the mustard seeds.
Cover the pan as the mustard seeds will sputter.
Now add papaya & banana pieces with some salt.
After 5-7 minute add the helencha shak.
Fry them in low flame so that they gets soften.
Now add turmeric powder & dhania powder.
Mix them properly & pour some water.
Cook covered for 5 minutes & serve hot with rice.
A simple yet delicious recipe is ready to eat…