How to fight with body odour due to sweating

Fight against Sweating

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Sweating is a very common problem we mostly face during summer season. Few of us have a controlled sweating and few of us have excessive. Generally in a humid atmosphere, it creates a very problematic situation when it’s very tough to get rid of sweating even after you are under fan or AC.

Most of us even not feel comfortable to come out of AC room. And just think about a situation where you are in a corporate outfit or in a marketing profile, in that case the outfit itself is a reason for much sweating.

The main outcome of sweating we face in our daily life is the body odour. Many of us face this issue as we can’t control sweating or we sweat more & more than others. This often makes us uncomfortable to get close to our friends. This is a very common problem. Generally there is no smell in sweat. When we sweat excessively it creates an atmosphere for bacteria to grow. Which further create some odour.  Sometimes people have different body odour due to illness as well.

Body Odour due to excessive sweating

Here we will discuss about the body odour creates generally for excessive sweating in our day to day life. We can follow few tips to fight with this body odour problem from sweating:

  1. Take bath twice a day. Use some medicated soap to wash your body properly.
  2. Wash your hair with some ayurvedic shampoo weekly 2-3 times.
  3. Remove hair in underarm. This often creates a huge amount of sweat especially for man/women with full sleeve clothes.
  4. You can use any mild deodorant. But be careful while spraying, don’t use in access. This might harm your skin.
  5. Use any talcum powder. This is a cool idea to remove odour. This will soak all the sweat and soothes your body also. It’s better to use any branded one only.
  6. Try to wear cotton clothes as much as possible. This will soak sweat and work as a ventilation with your body. Otherwise air will not pass to your body & you can feel suffocation.
  7. Always wear cotton inner garments under shirt/t-shirt or kurta, so that sweat can be soaked by them. This will also protect your outer look and also cool your body in contact of air.
  8. We can drink lot of water or fruit juice to cool our body to reduce sweating.
These are few points we can follow to fight with sweat & body odour. I know many of us already following these tips & this are very common as well. There might be more & more tips to overcome this common problem.

I will be very much thankful if you can share here your known tips with all of us.