Home made chocolate cake recipe

chocolate cake recipe

Today I will post my first bake recipe. But the bad thing is that I don’t have a microwave yet. Anyway it will be in my kitchen soon. So I bake this recipe in a typical home baking style. I have prepared a very simple cake at home last week. A chocolate cake with egg. It tastes really very well, might be it would have been more better if I could have bake it in oven.

Anyway, this will help those people who are like me. Means dont have microwave yet but love to make a simple cake for your family.

Preparation time : 45 min

Plain flour – 1 cup
Powdered sugar – 1 cup (you can boil the sugar in water and cool down later. Use this liquid sugar)
Egg – 2
Refined oil or plain butter – 1/2 cup (I will say this optional)
Baking soda – 1 tsp
Milk – 1 cup
Liquid Chocolate (melt one small diarymilk)

How to Cook:
Beat the eggs very well so that it looks like smooth batter. Now add maida, sugar liquid and baking powder to it and mix them properly. You have to make sure there is no flour lumph left in the mixture.

chocolate cake recipe

Now add milk and liquid chocolate as well. If you like you can add refined oil. 

But it will not that good for health to eat so much oil. Without oil also you can get a good result. Anyway I have not added.

Finally a light chocolaty mixture will be ready to bake. Now let’s see how can we do the baking at home.

chocolate cake recipe

We can take a pan and put on a low flame. You can put a layer of sand on that pan and then put the cake container. Or else directly put that also, as I do.

In the container where the batter will be placed, put some melted butter layer. It will save the cake to stick to the bottom of that container.

chocolate cake recipe

Now add the batter in that container. It’s better to use a alluminium container. At that time I dont have that, as I was not at home while preparing the cake. So less resources.

chocolate cake recipe

Anyway, finally cover the whole setup with some other utesil. I used a cooker.

Wait for 30-35 min and cake is ready by that time.

My family liked the taste very much, might be by look its not that attractive. But it works.

chocolate cake recipe



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