Healthy habits we should follow

Besides posting different recipes, I thought of sharing my experiences and knowledge over food habits and healthy routine to stay fit in these hectic life.
We all love food, but do you know it’s not just eating like an animal to just fulfil our hunger needs. I believe we humans do more than that while eating. It’s a pure enjoyment. When we found something tasty we just love to have it slowly or till content.
Based on my real life experience, I will share some of the tips that we should follow while having food. Hope you all agree with this.
  • We always should eat in a regular interval. Might be someone can have 3 meals a day with 2 snack. Someone might have 2 meals a day and 3 snack breaks. But whatever it is you should have them in same time period every day. That will create a healthy habit. If your food habit is changing every day, your stomach will definitely get frustrated and resulted in a bad health.
  • We should not eat more in quantity that we normally do. Sometimes we found something very tasty and we can’t hold ourselves. Which finally ends up in acidity, gas etc. Have to learn how to control over that. Otherwise you can fall sick. 
  • Doctors often advice to have small meals multiple times a day. Actually this is best routine, but I am sure many of us do not able to follow that. So in that case we can have our regular meals small quantities and in between we can have fruits, juices and lot of water. That might serve the purpose.
  • I know many of us like non veg foods. But frankly veg food is easier to digest than non veg. It’s always advised to balance in between these 2s. In case of non veg we should not consume much red meat, as this is not good for health if consumed frequently. Anyway cook the meat properly so that no traces of doubt remain, as we found bird flu in news in every alternate month. 
  • In our daily diet list we should include more fibber foods, which will relax you from constipation. And try to have only seasonal vegetables only. Now a days we can find every vegetable in every month irrespective of season. But this is not good actually. As they are produced with lot of fertilizers to fill public demand. Obviously they will not have the actual minerals as they were produced forcibly. So try to have only seasonal vegetables. 
  • Another important food of our kitchen is Onion and garlic. Onion decreases blood pressure and garlic decreases cholesterol. We can consume them in any format and with any curries at home. But definitely is adequate quantity. Generally in Summer times you can reduce the amount of them as the weather is already hot. 
  • Use less salt in curries. Always try to have salt in curries only. Taking raw salt is not good for health.

 I have learned a lot about cooking and healthy habits day by day. And it’s a real challenge to stay fit in today’s life. There might be more, but I want to to share these few one, that I noticed and trying to applying my family.