Featured Blog : Nabanita Dhar’s “Random Thoughts”

Nabanita loves to write. It is a passion; a compulsion; something that gives her an avenue to express herself. She writes when she is happy; when she is sad or when an issue touches her heart. She finds inspiration to write in every aspect of life. 

Writing to her is more than just an exercise involving words; it is a mirror to the world through her eyes either as stories or simple write-ups.

She writes at Random Thoughts---Naba.

Find the complete interview taken by GAi Team below::

GAi:: Tell us about yourself

Well I am a Software Engineer by profession and a passionate blogger by choice. It is the latter though which gives a lot of meaning to my life. I grew up in Shillong, a small yet beautiful hill station in Meghalaya, and life finally brought me to Bangalore where I now work. I believe in the simple joys in life and apart from my family, it is writing that gets me through the daily grind!

GAi:: What is your blog all about?

My blog is my baby! I am fiercely protective about it so in a way it’s a part of me. I write short fiction and also posts on issues which are close to my heart, especially those related to women. My blog, whether through fiction or a post on a social topic, is a reflection of the world from a woman’s perspective.

GAi:: How did you come to know about blogging?

Honestly if it weren’t for my sister and my husband, I would perhaps have never begun blogging. I knew people blog and I always had a soft corner for writing, but without their push I would have never started. In fact, my blogger account was opened by my sister for she wanted me to point my babbles against unfair rules for women towards the blog instead of her!

GAi:: Your first post (when and how) and what was the feeling after that?

Umm… My first post was about the annoying Bangalore Electricity Board which was and still is very much incompetent when it comes to ensuring power supply during rains! It was just an exercise to vent out my frustration towards a body that would perhaps never realize the amount of inconvenience it causes on a daily basis. The feeling was that of disappointment because hardly anyone read it!

GAi:: What is the motivating factor for you to start this blog?

I began blogging at a time in my life when I was at the verge of an important change in life. It was a tough time and the blog was an avenue to vent out the ire towards the issues that somehow were the cause of my upheaval.

GAi:: How do you manage your personal life and passion (blogging)?

Well it’s easy actually. My husband knows how important blogging is for me so he respects the time I dedicate for this passion of mine. When I don’t get the time, my family makes sure they do everything possible to give me the window to sit with my laptop and write something.

GAi:: How do you feel as blogger in between your peer group?

Well I am the only blogger among my friends and they understand that it’s important to me. They know that I would rather sit and write than go for a walk; so yes I am also part of many jokes due to that! But again it feels special when they are pissed off; they come to me to make me write a condescending post against whatever bothers them.

GAi:: What is your plan with this blog in future?

Well like every other blogger who is passionate about writing, I too have a lot of plans. But I haven’t zeroed in on any one as ‘The Plan’. So I guess it would still take some time before I know exactly what I would like to pursue.

GAi:: I don’t see any advertisement in your blog? Why so?

As I mentioned earlier, my blog is my baby. I want it to only be about writing. Advertisements are something I would rather stay away from, at least for now.

GAi:: Any other blog where you write something else?

This is my only blog.

GAi:: Anything you want to share for newbie bloggers or you like to add any tip?

Well make writing the first priority on your blogs and the rest will follow. At least that is what I would like to believe in!

Thanks Nabanita for providing us the opportunity to know about you and your blog.