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I am Kaveri, basically from Palakkad, settled in Chennai. A software engineer, but now a full time mother of two girls. Cooking is my passion. Food and anything related to food is gaining immense popularity these days. International cuisines and fusion cooking are the talk of the day. Though I love to eat and cook a variety of food, I do not want the traditional recipes of my native place to die down. My blog is a sincere attempt to keep alive the traditional recipes of my native place Palakkad.

Blog Address : www.palakkadcooking.blogspot.in

Find the complete interview taken by GAi Team below

GAi:: Tell us about yourself.

I am Kaveri, living in Chennai and having my roots Palakkad. An engineer by qualification and a homemaker by choice. Cooking is my passion and I have a new found interest in food photography.  I have been writing at Palakkad Chamayal for nearly 2 years now.

GAi:: How did you learn cooking?

As I’ve said above, cooking is my passion. I have been cooking since I was in Class XI. The interest for cooking might have stemmed from my love for eating delicious food. I learnt all the basic cooking from my mom, grand mom and MIL. I still continue to learn from them and from various other sources like cookbooks, TV shows and from the Internet.

GAi:: What is the meaning of the name of your blog?

My blog is a pure vegetarian blog with recipes pertaining to the region of Palakkad/ Palghat, a small town in Kerala and hence the name “Palakkad Cooking”. 

GAi:: What is the motivating factor to start this blog?

I started this blog with the aim of preserving some of the traditional and age old recipes of my native place, Palakkad, along-with a few experiments in my kitchen. My husband and mother are the motivating factors for me to start this blog.

GAi:: Your first post and your feeling after that?

I posted my first recipe Molagootal, on December 7, 2010. I had been contemplating on starting a blog for more than a year but was very apprehensive as to whether I would be able to keep it up once I start. The day I published my first post everything seemed to fall in place and there has been no looking back. I have come a long way since then.

GAi:: What is the plan with your blog?

There is a lot in my mind for my blog, like collecting more traditional recipes which are dying out, posting videos of selected recipes etc.

GAi:: Your favourite recipes you want to share

I love all the recipes I have posted but my personal favourite is Keerai Molagootal, which also happens to be my reader’s favourite.

GAi:: Anything you want to share for newbie bloggers or anything you like to add or any recipe tips?

Blogging is a forum to share what we know. So whether blogging about cooking, or writing a travelogue do it with passion and dedication and I am sure you will go a long way. After all, sharing by one maybe a learning for other.