Featured Blog: Abraham Chacko’s Recipe blog “chackoskitchen.com”

We got a chance to interview the author and owner of a beautiful recipe blog, "Chacko's kitchen" . Mr. Abraham Chacko, a Calcutta born, Malayalee raised, South Indian from Kerala. He love to create recipes and enjoy with good company. His wife Susan ( a Kerala born and brought up) and two little ones Angel and Alaina inspired him to be a blogger. He believes "blogging is not a priority but a passion, so it is still alive"......

Visit his blog to discover many recipes as well as him.....

Blog Address - www.chackoskitchen.com 

Find the complete interview taken by GAi Team below::

GAi:: How did you learn cooking?
Everything I am, I owe to my Mum and Dad. I am fortunate that both parents are great cooks. My Mum taught me to read and write. She inspired me to cook and be independent. Around the age of 11, 12, 13, 14, I was following my Mum around the kitchen watching how she juggled around with the variety of Indian spices and herbs to prepare those wonderful, flavourful, aromatic, lip-smacking dishes.

GAi:: How did you came to know about blogging?
Susan is a avid reader and she follows a lot of blogs (not recipes though), and it is she who introduced the idea of blogging. Later my IT friend, Shivdeep, showed me the basics of blogging.

GAi:: What is the motivating factor for you to start this blog?
I was always a food lover. I loved cooking as well. Fortunately God gifted me Susan who fell in the same category. Photographing is my other pass-time and with some self-taught techniques in food photography, ended-up in a large pool of food-photos!! Some of them were posted on Orkut and Facebook profiles. Over the months the comments on these photographs, good and bad piled, which I enjoyed reading and responding to most of them, which in turn made me better. Now there are requests for recipes and some even for a book format. After a full-time day job and child-minding, it was no easy task typing and mailing recipes, as my only records were scribbled notes in a notebook and most of my recipes had been tweaked to suit our own taste (palette, if you want to be posh). During my annual leave in August 2009, I started concentrating on these thoughts. Susan and I had several discussions which helped us to come to a conclusion why not blog.

GAi:: What is your plan with your blog?
Onamebook – this ebook is the only recipe book (in print or online) dedicated to the festival of Onam, which millions of Malayalees across the globe celebrate. This year the 3rd edition carried 35 recipes, and had 20K downloads with much hype in press. The 4th edition in 2013 we are planning 60 recipes, and will guarantee you will not have to look any further for Onam.  

Second,by 2013 would like to use my blog for Charity …. details will be soon on my blog….

Third.. a few more ebooks are in the pipeline (concept and 50% of recipes are ready), need sponsors…

GAi:: I don’t see any advertisement in your blog? Why so?
To this moment, my conversations with different bloggers of my status, has not lead me to believe that these adverts give you a substantial income to compensate you salary, unless you are among the ‘Top 100’ blogs.  Secondly, for me I personally feel annoying, when you have to juggle around 100s of adverts on a blog to get to the recipe.
In a nutshell, give your readers a good experience.

GAi:: You have a very good readers list, so have you ever participated anywhere or cook anywhere due to your blog fame?
Not as on date, but I do hold cooking class for kids between 7 – 15 years, and is particularly and enjoyable experience, mainly because I speak to them about the benefits of eating different foods and children by nature love to learn more. This has also helped many picky eaters, specially my daughter, eat a portion of all foods given to her.

GAi:: How do you handle these 2 lives…An employee and a blogger in public?
Blogging is passion and I work to make a livelihood. I have never compromised on quality in either sectors, because they are like two arms of mine, I care for both equally, although both work independently and are not alike.

GAi:: Do you love Bengali food (as you born in Kolkata)?
Yes, I do. I do have some (Rosogulla, Rasmalai, DimmerJhol, Doi Mach) on my blog and in the process of adding some more. My mum used to cook a lot of Bengali food, but it’s been long we left Bengal, probably she’s not using it now. Personally I am a fan of Bengali Food, and this blog in the coming months will carry some rare and addictive recipes from Bengal. I have indeed the pleasure of having on-board a Bengali cook and housewife, who is a sharing some special recipes that will be part of this blog.

GAi:: Your favourite recipes you want to share?
For me a recipe is favourite, when I make it repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, over and over again, without any guilt conscious.  Secondly when we (I mean my wife, daughter and self) dip in for a second and third serving it is favourite.
Here are some, which are on our blog:
·         Puliiji
·         Masala Pappad
·         Kottayam Fish Curry
·         Beef Stew
·         Palak Paneer
·         Rosogulla
·         Paal Payasam
·         Banana Bread

GAi:: Anything you want to share with newbie bloggers?
If youfeel you have something to share and you want others to hear, the internet is open for you, but……
  • THINK BEFORE YOU BLOG : Select a topic you are passionate about, if you love Egg, then just dedicate a blog to Egg recipes, writing on a particular area of interest will bring authenticity to your blog, rather than writing on recipes from all regions of the world.
  • READ OTHER BLOGS: Opens your thinking process and make you creative.
  • BE YOURSELF : Write the way you speak, not as if you were writing an Engineering test paper. Do not copy. Give credit to others. Be polite. Be courteous.
  • INSERT IMAGES : You visually feed yourself, even before you eat. So let your readers visually feast on your recipe, before they think of printing, forwarding or trying your recipe.
  • UPDATE : Family comes first. Do not be addicted, unless this will be your target to earn a substantial earnings to replace your monthly salary. But do blog to give your readers a chance to get new updates, on a schedule you think will be right paced in your life.
Thanks Abraham for providing us the opportunity to know about you and your blog.