Featured blog: Abhishek Ratna’s “The Donkey MBA”

The Donkey MBA

We got a chance to interview the author and owner of an offbeat and personal experience sharing blog, "The Donkey MBA" . Mr. Abhishek Ratna, an IITan,  a Marine Engineer and presently a Banker by profession expresses his thoughts and views about "Work World". Visit his blog to know him more.....

Blog Address - www.thedonkeymba.blogspot.in 

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Find the complete interview taken by GAi Team below::

GAi:: Tell us about yourself.
I am a management graduate from DoMS, IIT Madras and a Marine Engineer from M.E.R.I., Kolkata (Jadavpur University). I have a special interest in Business and ‘Work World’ related affairs. I love to travel and have been to more than 14 countries while working as a Marine Engineer on oil and chemical tankers. I like to observe life closely, enjoy interacting with people and have a keen interest in mentoring youngsters. I have been awarded an IQ of 156 on a castle scale by Mensa International, which is equivalent to top 1 percentile of the world’s population. I am presently employed with Citibank N.A. In Chennai where I live with my lovely wife. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas on various topics related to business and life. 
GAi::What is your blog all about?     
My blog is all about the Work World. I believe that you need more than talent and smartness to make a mark for yourself in the fiercely competitive corporate world. The corporate world is ruthless to say the least and those who play by the set rules or take them too literally are crushed by those around them who are not so ‘foolish’. The Donkey MBA continuously strives to be the ultimate Corporate Success Blog.
GAi::How did you come to know about blogging?
I started writing a book (which is still in process) and accidently stumbled upon the blog of my friend. That inspired me to write my own blog. It turned out to be an excellent idea. Through my blog I get to test my ideas and its acceptance. I truly enjoy connecting with other bloggers and readers.
GAi::Your first post (when and how) and what was the feeling after that?
I wrote my first post on 2nd Dec 2011.
It was 5 days since I had decided to start my own blog but couldn’t write anything. I was in the office and checked my Facebook News-feed around lunch time. One of my friends had updated his status as “Will work for a proper JD”. I could immediately relate to it. Many of us face the issue of working without any proper Job Description. I immediately typed on my cell whatever came to my mind and posted it! Within 20 minutes of my reading my friend’s status my first post was live! I felt elated. But somewhere there was a fear. Will people like it? For many days I didn’t share my blog with anyone. Gradually my blog got accepted and I grew in confidence. There was no stopping after that.
GAi::What is the motivating factor for you to start this blog?
Work World is full of motivation for my kind of blog 😉
GAi::Does your friend know about your blog? And what is the reaction if yes?
The majority of my friends doesn’t know about my blog but I have shared my blog with a few of my friends and they seem to like it a lot. That is something which makes me really happy. Also I have made new friends through my blog. I am now connected with them through Facebook and Twitter.
GAi::What is your plan with this blog in future?
I want to continue writing. I target minimum of 3 posts every month. I would like to write more posts in the future. Somewhere down the line I would love to convert this blog into a book.
GAi::Any specific post you want to share here with (from your blog)?
My Post – The ‘Trust’ Email – Story!’ is really special to me and it is based on a true incident which a friend of mine shared with me. I love this post because it conveys the message strongly and aptly. It is my constant endeavor to write my post with a story and a message. I feel it is the best way to pass on any message effectively.

Thanks Abhishek for providing us the opportunity to know about you and your blog.