Drinking Water Benefits

Water means life, I read somewhere in a Bengali book. The exact quote is like “Jaal hi jivan”. Every day at home one scene is very common in everyone’s home, that is: parents are running after their kids to drink water. Or they remind this 100 times a day. But at teenage time we don’t care about that.

Our whole body consists of more than 75% water (approx data). So we have to maintain that level of water by drinking enough water every day. 

  • Actually water helps our body to remove all unwanted toxin particles, which are harmful. May be this can be explained in medical terms also, but I think the simplest way is, water can dissolve all impurities of our body cells and extract them out from our body and purify blood. A healthy & pure blood will improve the blood circulation in your body and keep you away from deceases like heart problem, indigestion, fatigue etc.
  • You should drink a glass of water on empty stomach in early morning or when you wake up in morning daily. Don’t brush your teeth or don’t wash your mouth, just drink a glass of water first. This will simply help to remove the toxin particles in body. I think this is the first step of water therapy which is getting popular day by day.
  • For a glowing and healthy skin, you need to drink enough water in a day. It moisturises skin cells and help them to be healthy & glow. You will feel younger.
  • Water also helps to reduce head ache. Human brain is mostly made up of water, so enough water intake keep brain fresh and will increase your productivity at work.
  • Water will help you to lose weight. In every weight loose program, they suggest to drink enough water. So that it can suppress your hunger which will reduce your food intake. Water will help you to burn extra fat in your body.
  • In case of kidney health, you should drink enough water. All the impurities can pass kidney without keeping any particle, which might create a stone in future. So you should drink plenty of water to keep your kidney healthy. Kidney stone is a major issue in today’s life, where most people don’t be able to drink enough water due to work pressure. But this should be taken care by yourself only; after all it’s all about your health.

How Much Water to Drink Everyday ?
Everyday lot of water is coming out of our body due to sweating, bowel movements, urine etc. So every one of us should drink enough water. As per my knowledge a healthy average weight man should drink 3 litters and women should drink 2.5 litters of water. This is not a rigid data. You can always confirm with your doctor about this, as your medical history will have an impact in this amount. 

This habit of drinking water should be taught from very early age of a life. Show your kid that, you are drinking water regularly in adequate quantity and your kid will also follow that.

Jal hi jivan !!! but don’t drink too much…..
But don’t drink too much of water, as if you can or you have the capacity. Too much drinking water is also not good for health. Recently I read an article on news paper where a lady died due to drinking too much of water. She participated in a competition “Who can drink much water”, something like this. I don’t have the reference link of that news.

Anyway all of us have our own different body structure with different medical health. So always take advice from your doctor regarding the amount of water you should take every day.