Do you like sweet dishes more ? Then check this out….

Sweet food items can create more problem for you

We all know that kids love to eat chocolates, even we elders are also not behind. Mainly girls love to have chocolates specially after dinner. Many people love to have sweets everyday, as they can’t stop that. But you should know that anything in access is harmfull. 

These days obesity is the biggest worry in kids, which further creates many other problems in them. Like hypertension, dullness etc. Consumtion of sweet items in access can cause many deseases in future irrespective of age. Dental problem is one of them, in which cavity is very common in kids.

Dark chocolate contains a huge amount of callory, which further helps to increase body weight. Too much consumption creates warms in stomach for many kids. These are very common problems that we parents has to face day by day.

Control yourself to protect your health

We should follow certain rules and be strict in case of our kids. And also have to control & promise ourselves to reduce consumption of sweet foods. This few simple tips might help us to fight with this very common problem of life :
  1. Wash your mouth thoroughly twice a day, specially after having food, so that not a single trace of food remains. Otherwise your teeth will be in danger.
  2. Don’t forget to brush after dinner,as whatever food item remains in our teeth will get whole night to stay there. Which further creates cavity & other dental problems.
  3. If you don’t like to brush 2 times, use mouthwash in day time 2-3 times. But do brush before go to bed.
  4. Improve your control power, so that you can skip a tasty sweet dish, even if someone force you to have only one.

I know everyone of us knew these points very well and also aware that each one of us fight everyday to comply ourselves with them. We have to keep promising us and keep trying to habituate with this healthy habits.