Dengue fever information & prevention tips

What is dengue fever ?
The situation in Bengal is not like every year. This year dengue has come in a bigger picture and many people seemed to have been effected with that. It has created fear in many people, specially who are living in roadside & slums. But little precaution from each of us can stop spreading this viral disease.

Dengue is a kind of fever which is caused by viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. In this season (Monsoon/Rainy season) mosquitoes spread too much. Actually they get opportunity to breed in stored rainy water besides road or drain. These mosquitoes generally bite in early morning and early evening times. People with less immune power are the easy victim of this fever.

What are the symptoms of dengue fever ?

Generally this fever is slightly different than normal fever. Victim can feel body pain throughout the day, might feel itching, headache, rashes and red spots on skin might be seen. But only blood report can tell the exact state of the patient. Generally if fever continues for more than 2-3 days and rashes start coming out, then you should consult your local doctor to have a blood test. 

Sometimes blood platelet count might decrease and this cause bleeding as well. In that case doctor might check dengue antigen test & dengue antibody test. Due to dengue many things can happen to the patient. Like blood pressure might get down and water might get accumulated in various parts of body etc. So it’s always better to consult with doctor as soon as possible and then start treatment accordingly.

How to prevent us to effected with dengue fever ? 

The main reason of this disease is the virus which mosquitoes carry in their sting. When they bite us that virus get a chance to attack human body. So you can protect yourself to fall in dengue fever just following few practices.
  • Wear full sleeve clothes while going out of home, especially in morning & evening time when the chances of mosquitoes biting is high.
  • Use mosquito repellent cream or use net while sleeping.
  • Don’t allow water to store anywhere near to your locality, flat or house.
  • Take help from local municipality and spray mosquitoes killing medicines in those areas like drainage water, stored rain water etc.
  • Pass this basic information to your friend & neighbor so that everyone can follow the same. Create awareness about dengue prevention.
  • Special care need to be taken for kids, as they are mostly exposed to this disease.

I think right now there is no such vaccine available to fight with dengue till now. But only doctor can advice proper medicines & treatment. We can take necessary precautions to prevent us & our families. 
People should spread about these common practices to get rid of mosquitoes bite. I think this is the best medicine to fight with dengue without falling into dengue fever.