Bhojohori Manna Restaurant Kolkata Review

Recently we have visited to Bhojohori Manna Restaurant Kolkata, an authentic Bengali food chain in Kolkata. But here I want one more tag to them, that is an affordable authentic bengali food restaurant in kolkata.

In fact Bhojohori Manna Restaurant has become so popular in last couple years, that they have started their restaurants in Bengalore, Mumbai, Odissa as well.

In this article I will share my eating experience with Bhojohori Manna, what are the recipes we have tried there and how good was the ambiance. Besides that you will get more information about Bhojohori Manna.

Bhojohori Manna Restaurant Menu

You will find various typical home made authentic Bengali recipes in their menu. But unfortunately everything was not available. Anyway, you can check out the bhojohori manna restaurant kolkata menu details below.

bhojohori manna restaurant kolkata menu

Bhojohori Manna Recipes We have Tried

As I told, all the recipes were not available and that is also not possible I believe. Anyway we have tried couple of common & typical recipes like

  1. Dhokar Dalna
  2. Chhanar Dalna
  3. Shukto
  4. Mourala Bati Chochori
  5. Dhanepata Chicken
  6. Chicken Dakbangla
  7. Bengali Pulao
  8. Luchi
  9. Misti Doi
  10. Baked Rosogolla

Bhojohori Manna Menu Price List Kolkata

One thing is good about this restaurant is, the price is very reasonable. May be you will find the quantity little less, but the price is justified for that. You can check the price list below.

Bhojohori Manna Menu Price List Kolkata

You can find the full menu in Zomato.

Bhojohori Manna Restaurant Kolkata Review

The ambience is very ordinary or you can say that it’s a simple restaurant. Quite crowded in couple of outlets like bhojohori manna restaurant kolkata saltlake sector 5. In fact when it was fully packed, you will find it very clumsy. But that is also fine, because if you want to have a good Bengali dinner or lunch at an affordable price, then I will not mind about ambiance.

Taste wise I think all dishes are not up to the satisfaction level. But I liked the luchi & chicken recipe (chicken dakbangla) combination unique. And I can visit that restaurant for that combo many times. Other than that I liked the pulao & baked Rosogolla very much. Couple of my favorite dishes like mourala fish chochori, shukto, Dhanepata Chicken were simply ok. But I may not like to try them again.

If you are looking for authentic bengali food restaurant in kolkata in affordable price, then Bhojohori Manna Restaurant Kolkata Saltlake is a must try.