Bhetki Fish starter ( Spicy grilled/baked bhetki fish)

Bhetki Fish Starter

Recipe Category
Non Veg, Starter
Easy to make at home
Ingredients Availability
Need Microwave
Time to Prepare
30 min
This preparation Serves
1-2 person
I just cant wait to share this awesome recipe that I had at my friends home. We both were trying to make something different with bhetki fish. Finally come up with this recipe. Unfortunately not able to take any pictures of that. But I will surely try this again at home and take pictures that time. Hope you will like this recipe.

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What elements required to make Bhetki Maacher Starter

5-6 Bhetki fish pieces in same size

1 big Onion make into paste
1 tbsp ginger paste
1 tbsp garlic paste
1 tbsp tomato puree (You can make tomato puree at home also)
1 Green chilli finely chopped
1/2 tbsp jeera powder
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
little pinch of garam masala powder
Little pinch of black paper
Salt to taste

For Garnishing:
1 small onion cut in cube pieces
1 capsicum cut in cube pieces
1/2 tbsp sauf(misti jeera)
2-3 green chilli just slit from middle
Finely chopped coriander leaves
Salt to taste

How to make Bhetki Fish in spicy masala 

  1. Wash the fish pieces carefully and properly.
  2. In a bowl make a paste from all the ingredients mentioned in ingredient section.
  3. Add little water to make uniform masala paste.
  4. Marinate the fish pieces in that mixture & refrigerate for 3-4 hours
  5. Now in a separate pan heat oil/butter and add raw jeera(sauf)
  6. Add all the vegitables mentioned in the garnishing section to that pan
  7. stir properly for 2-3 min
  8. We will not cook the vegitables, just mix them with little spices before baking
  9. You can add any vegitable in this recipe
  10. Finally in a baking tray make a layer of veggies & fish as below: First the garnishing vegitables layer, then above that put the masala marinated fish pieces. And above all add rest of the veggies.
  11. You can add grated cheese also if you like.
  12. Keep the tray in oven in medium heat for 15-20 min.
  13. Keep tracking whether the fish is getting cooked or not.
  14. Serve hot with chopped onion slices & cabbage slices.
You can try this recipe with any fish pieces.

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