Bengali Malpua Recipe – How to prepare Malpua at Home

Bengali Malpua recipe is a very easy to prepare yet one of the yummiest dessert recipe. Malpua is a traditional pithe of bengal which all bengalese obviously have during the month of pous or atleast in the day of pous sankranti (makar sankranti). Yesterday on the day of sankranti, I was feeling very nostalgic while remembering all those lip-smacking pithe, ma used to prepare … Patisapta, Puli pithe, malpua, doodh puli, chitoi pitha to name a few. Ma used to get up at 4:00 clock to prepare & offer those pithe-payesh to Sujji Thakur (Sun God) after a bath in the coldest day of the month. We children (me & my friends) would be waiting eagerly for our turn to come (Obviously for eating… 🙂 ). I loved the very sharing part of this festival – we used to present pithe to our neighbours & also receive from them. Today I will share the traditional malpua recipe in bengal style.

Bengali Malpua Recipe

Delicious Malpuas

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Ingredients for Bengali Malpua Recipe

Bengali Malpua Recipe

Fried Malpua

Milk 250 ml
Refined flour (maida) 2 cup
Rawa Suji 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
3-4 Crushed Cardamoms
1 tsp Saunf
Ghee 500 grams
Pinch of Baking Powder
Pinch of salt
Water as required


 How to Prepare Bengali Malpua Recipe

  • Mix Maida & rawa suji with milk, ½ cup sugar, saunf , salt & baking powder.
Bengali Malpua Recipe

Malpua Batter

  • I have prepared few malpuas with Sugar-free Natura as my father is a diabetic patient. (In that case you have to skip the sugar soaking part)
  • Add water as required to make it in pouring consistency.
  • Keep aside the batter for atleast 5-6 hours.
  • Heat oil in a pan for deep frying.
Bengali Malpua Recipe

Oil is Heated

  • Pour one big spoonful of the batter when the oil is hot.
Bengali Malpua Recipe

Pouring Batter in Oil

Bengali Malpua Recipe

Frying all the Malpuas

  • Like-wise prepare all the malpuas & keep in the tissue paper so that the oil gets soaked. (You can also prepare
  • the malpuas with less oil in a wide non stick pan.)
Bengali Malpua Recipe

Malpua is Ready

  • By the same time prepare sugar syrup mixing the crushed cardamoms into that.
  • Make it a little cool & put all the malpuas into that.
  • Mouth watering malpua is ready to indulge. Serve warm with rabri.
Bengali Malpua Recipe

Malpuas Soaked in Sugar Syrup

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