Began Bharta (Smashed Spicy Eggplant)

Began Bharta is a very popular and widely preffered home made recipe. This is like a dish of every indians.
The preparation not at all new, in fact every indian women know this recipe. But I want to share this one from my kitchen in My style off course.

Preparation Time : 30 min
1 Eggplant/Big fat Brinjals (should be big and fat)
1 medium size tomatoes finely chopped
1 chopped onions
1 green chili chopped
2 tbsp Musturd oli (Mastered oil has its own flavour in this recipe)
1/4 tbsp jeera powder
1/2  teaspoon turmeric
1/2  teaspoon red chili
Salt to taste
Chopped Coriander leaves

How to cook:
Generally the best way to cook the brinjals are to cook in deshi oven, which geberally you cant expect in our modern life.So I have cooked them in gas flame only. Before that I have messaged the brinjals with oil and the put them in flame. We need to do it carefully and rotate the brinjal frequently so that it should not burn.

Now its done. Keep it cool and remove the covers from the brinjal.

Now in a pan heat oil and add chopped onions & green chills.Add salt and turmeric powder as well. Fry them for 2-3 min. Now add tomatos. Fry them in high flame.After few minutes when the tomatoes started leaving water we need add the other masalas and coriander leaves.

Stir them properly and our masala is ready now.

Now add the cooked brinjal to it and stir continuously till everything mixes smoothly. If it mixes well, you cant able to find any item separately.

Serve hot with roti/rice or Parathas.

Enjoy food.