Banana health benefits

Banana is an easily available and mostly consumed fruit in daily life. 

It is very tasty indeed due to its sweet flavor  Banana is a very easily digestible fruit and you can have couple in everyday morning. 

It’s a good alternative to junk food, in case you are hungry. Banana has many healthy & medical benefits for human body. 

Let’s check them…..
  • Banana is a very good source of fibber. We all know that fibber helps us to improve digestion and also keeps our blood sugar low.
  • Banana is also full of potassium which helps us to reduce blood pressure and keep our heart healthy. A high blood pressure person is mostly eligible for heart attacks, having a banana regularly in morning can help you to keep your heart healthy.
  • Banana is also very helpful for those who generally suffer from regular constipation. Kids who has problem in regular bowl motion, can get benefit by having bananas regularly.
  • Banana is full of vitamins, minerals and also a good source of energy. For a young age person, having banana in morning regularly will help them to do exercise and bodybuilding.
  • Banana is also good for pregnant women by providing them energy to fight with morning sickness, which is a very common problem during pregnancy.
  • Banana is also a good source of iron. Iron can help hemoglobin production and keep blood cells healthy.

There might be many other benefits, but the main thing we learnt here is having a banana every day morning will not cost us at all and also its a tasty and available everywhere.