10 Checklist To Make Your Kitchen Complete

We all love to eat, that’s why there is crores of recipes floating in internet everyday. We spend most of our time in cooking and eating. Have you ever thought or took a look at your kitchen? The place where our mom or wife prepare food everyday for the whole family.

If you are a food lover then you have to be equipped with many items in your kitchen to try & prepare different recipes. But most of the time we find that our kitchen looks completely different and not in good position as compared to other rooms.

Not true all the time. But what I want to say is, we should take a look at our kitchen design & structure and bring few things at home to make our kitchen complete.

In today’s urban life many homemakers make there kitchen look very beautiful & well equipped. Basically if you go for a flat in a city you can find a very well designed kitchen. But after that also you have to include few more things to complete a kitchen. Let’s see what are the things that you should have in your kitchen to make it a restaurent for your family.

How to design your Kitchen with all necessary equipments?

1. The first thing I want to mention is a exhaust fan or chimney. Whatever we cook at kitchen, they have their own exhausts which might spoil your kitchen wall or utensils. For that you need a exhaust fan or you can go for a chimney.

Generally to implement a chimney you need enough space and it takes an extra cost to your family budget also. Implementing an exhaust fan is very easy. But if your kitchen is small and you can afford a chimney, I would suggest you to go for exhaust fan only. As installing a chimney will use lot of space in your small kitchen which might look bad.

2) Try to give a structure to your kitchen with few cabinets. May be wall mounting cabinet or a shelf. You can go for modular kitchen setup also. Definitely modular kitchens costs depends upon the kitchen size. This will completely change the look & feel of your kitchen. Otherwise you can bring some carpenter and design some cabinets as per your kitchen size and budget.

3) Try to keep all the basic utensils that generally require to cover a wide range of food. Try to use non-stick utensils. Keep a mixer,grinder,juicer at kitchen. These days tandoori and baked dishes are very popular and demanding. So keep a convection microwave.

I would suggest not go for a solo or grill microwave. As they will not perform all type of cooking. If you have planned to go for a microwave then spend some more money and get a convection one. Otherwise get an OTG. Which is under budget and serve all your purpose.

Keep 2 pressure cookers, 1 small in size (2-3 ltr) and 1 with big in capacity (4-5 ltrs). Based on requirement you can use them. You have to keep a grater machine also. Or if you can afford, go for a good food processor.

4) Use a gas oven with minimum 2 burner. But better to have 4 burner gas oven. Where you can cook multiple items at the same time. Today many of the recipes are cooked in various parts and later combined together.Anyway in today’s life we have less time, so it’s better to finish daily dishes in short span of time.

5) Another most important member of our kitchen is a refrigerator. You can go for a 200-230lt refrigerator for a normal family need. If you have a large family and you have to cook food and preserve for dinner(might be you don’t get much time to cook due to work) then you can go for a bigger one. Keep the fridge on a stand so that it do not come in contact with the surface.

6) If you are cooking for blogging or write your recipes, then a clock is compulsory in your kitchen. This will help you to note down the time taken for each steps of your recipe. Not only that it will alert you also you can see how much time is left to finish your daily cooking before going to office or work.

7) Most of us have an extra gas cylinder at home for backup. Due to lack of space, we always keep that at kitchen itself. But this should not happen. If you have enough space in kitchen you can keep them but with a significant distance. Otherwise keep it outside kitchen, may be in store room. This is just to avoid a much big damage if happens.

8) You should make your kitchen floor with tiles. Not only floor also half of the walls. This will improve the look and also make easy to clean the walls.

9) Try to provide at least 1 window in your kitchen. Maybe you have chimney installed or exhaust fan installed. But if your space permits then go for an window. Which will help to remove all odors from your kitchen quickly. You will also get fresh air.

10) try to install an wooden dining table. If space doesn’t permit you can got for wall attached tables. So many designs are available in market these days.

Hope this 10 points will motivate you to look at your kitchen. There might be many other points, you can invent your own. But the bottom line is make your kitchen equipped with all important parts to serve tasty & healthy food for your family.

It’s really a challenge to serve restaurant like food to family to resist their attraction towards street food/ outside food!